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What are the qualifications of the Midwest Gem Lab Appraisers?

The Midwest Gem Lab Jewelry Appraisers are made up of Graduate Gemologists (GG) that have been educated by the Gemological Institute of America. The staff has almost Forty (40) years of combined experience grading diamonds, colored gemstones, wrist watches, & writing appraisals and reports.

How Do You Grade Gems, Jewelry & Watches at Midwest Gem Lab ?

One of our  highly trained
gemologists examines each diamond and or colored gemstone submitted to Midwest
Gem Lab, using the most advanced gemological testing and observational equipment available. Additionally, a highly trained watch appraiser examines each pocket watch & wristwatch submitted.

What type of equipment is used by the jewelry appraisers?

Each Midwest Gem Lab Jewelry Appraiser uses a fully corrected triplet loupe, a stereo binocular microscope, a master
color comparison diamond set, electronic carat balancing scale, synthetic diamond detection device, electronic digital caliper, spectroscope, long and short wave ultraviolet light, fiber optic illumination, diffused/balanced north daylight color grader instrument, electronic gold/platinum testing unit, refractometer, polariscope and specific gravity liquids.

How long does it take to have my jewelry appraised ?

Our “While you Watch, While you Wait” Jewelry Appraisal Service takes about an hour.

How Much Does an Appraisal Cost?

​Click on the Blue Tab above for our current Jewelry Appraisal Price List.

How Does Midwest reach a "Replacement Value"  Conclusion? 

Midwest Gem Lab uses current market pricing for; creative design, gemstones, labor, materials, and precious metals, along with comparable sales data from local and national retail jewelry stores based in regional shopping malls. The regional shopping mall jewelry store is the marketplace in which the  Replacement Value appraisal is based.

How Do I Ship merchandise to Midwest for an Appraisal?

There are several ways to submit gem & jewelry items to the laboratory for an Appraisal. If you are located in the Milwaukee area you may make an appointment to come into the laboratory. Or, ship the item(s) to us under neutral cover, double boxed (see detailed shipping instructions) by one of the following: United States Mail; Express, Registered, or

Priority Mail, Federal Express , United Parcel Service , or Brinks. Brinks has Drop Off windows in major cities worldwide. Colored gemstones, diamonds, jewelry, and wristwatches received for evaluation are processed promptly. Once received, our scheduling department will coordinate with you personally concerning the timetable for processing, reporting, fees and the return delivery or pickup of your merchandise and reports or appraisals.